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Give It Up! - Jump to the Beat, Follow the Music! App Description

GIVE IT UP is a rather difficult beat jumper game where you have to assist the cheerful, singing ball named Blob to jump through 18 different tracks. Tap to the rhythm and with the right timing, feel the melody as Blob jumps up and down with the help of the beat of the music! You're the beat jumper, so hop to the rhythm in this gem among musical games!

This indie game is based on a simple one-touch gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours! Beware, if you don't tap at the right time, poor Blob will smear and disappear. Listen carefully to the track - it helps! This rhythm game is all about jumping!

Jump your way through the levels, push your skills to the limit as you follow the rhythm, and avoid the dangerous obstacles while you enjoy some really catchy music.


Rhythm-based jumping adventure with obstacles to avoid as well as platforms to jump on. Be the best beat jumper!

Single tap control - sounds easy right? Just make sure you tap with the right timing so that Blob survives. Jump and bounce your way through this rhythm game.

3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song. Each level can be played in easy, medium, or hard mode. Be warned, this music game is really addictive!

Unlock new songs to customize your experience! Choose them in the menu.

Lose yourself in some catchy songs with an addictive beat. Just follow the rhythm of the music while you tap the screen as you jump through the game! Make sure Blob jumps with the right timing! Enjoy the fun in the best of musical games!

Who will love this musical game?

• Those who love challenges

• Those who enjoy sweating during the game

• Those who can feel the rhythm and the beat

• Those who feel up for it

• Those who don't fear their devices

• Those who adore jumping on tiles

Who will hate it? EVERYONE. Challenge yourself with the near impossible. This is a highly difficult rhythm game: experience personal growth as you develop your jump skills in an arcade-style progression. Through tapping and touching, follow the rhythm to play along. Just remember, follow the beat of the music and you'll make it to the end! You're the beat jumper, so hop along to the rhythm and jump on all the colored tiles! Try this beat jumper game - the best game among music games!

This is an offline game, so there is no need to have an Internet connection to play. Hop to the beat and enjoy the innovate indie game experience as you jump through the best of the music games out there!

Download it now and experience a brand new music game - an addictive sound experience!

Check out Give It Up! 2 for the sequel of this game with new levels, soundtracks, challenges, and much more!

Invictus Games Ltd.
Android 4.4+

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